Fantastic Food from the Americas

The Pieman





We make Pies with real taste from a bite size Belize Meat Pie to a tasty Chilli and Cheese Pie. Using our special melt in the mouth short crust pastry 

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We make our Burritos in the Calaforian style a mixture of Mexican Rice, Cheese and a spiced filling, weighing in at around 600 grms a meal in its self. We vacuum pack them to maintain freshness and send them to you chilled, so you can eat them straight away or freeze down for later.

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Tamales are made all over the South and Central American countries they vary in their makeup but all are very tasty. We make Mexican and Belizean versions. Vacuum Packed to maintain freshness.

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The  pieman cooks and supplies fantastic tasty food for you to eat at home

All our Food is cooked to a high standard and packed with flavour to give you maximum enjoyment.

We ship your food in insulated packing to arrive to you as fresh as we can. As a retired Latin American/Caribbean Restaurant owner I have a lot of experience cooking this tasty food. 

Having worked in my Food Emporium for around 72 hours a week I decided to retire, so sold it on to a deserving person, but I still want to keep my hand in so now I am supplying this tasty food to you.

Stews & Curries

Every one loves and tasty Stew or Spicy Curry. The countries in Central and South America produce some very fine ones. We cook them with maximum taste packed into microwavable containers for ease of cooking for you. Shipped to you in chilled packing so when you receive them either eat them or freeze them for a later feast.

  • caribbean Goat curry
  • albondigas
  • guyanese pepperpot
  • belize stew chicken
  • belize stew pork
  • cochinita pibil
  • chilli con carne

Pulled Meats

Pulled Pork
Our shoulder Pork is cooked long and slow for around 12 hours to acheave maximum taste.

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Pulled Beef Brisket
After we cook it for 12 hours our Beef is just fall apart tender with the great taste of Beef .

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Pulled Chicken
Becoming very popular now our pulled Chicken has maximum flavour.

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